Joe’s Car Page

Cars have been strong since day 1 and it doesn’t look like that will be changing any time soon.  Their tribal cards Start Your Engines (SYE) and Turbo Boosters allow cars to spread damage, squeeze in extra attacks, and have combat icons that work with their decks.




Cliffjumper – Renegade Warrior // 8 stars
Wheeljack – Weapons Inventor // 9 stars
Bumblebee – Brave Warrior // 6 stars
2* Recon System

3x Pep Talk
3x Reclaim
3x Roll Out!
3x Security Checkpoint
3x Start Your Engines
3x The Bigger They Are…

1x Force Field
3x Sparring Gear
3x Data Bank
1x Debilitating Crystal
3x Matrix of Leadership
2x Recon System
3x Energon Axe
3x Handheld Blaster
3x Thermal Weaponry

This is a 43 card deck built around piercing your opponent to death.  Cliffjumper and Wheeljack will help your cycle your deck in search of said goal.

Bee flips and goes first, if you can get a Sparring Gear on him…you should be in good shape.  Cliffjumper next, followed by Wheeljack.  Try flipping Bee and Jack as much as possible to draw off Cliffjumper.

Bee and Cliffjumper should be abusing Energon Axe and TBTA as much as they can while you are hopefully positioning Wheeljack for the big swing with Thermal Weaponry.  Attacking with Wheeljack in bot mode with Bold 3 rarely does anything unless you are backing it up with TBTA or Thermal Weaponry.  10A 10Pierce isn’t all that far fetched  so when you see it, plan ahead.

If you do not own Cliffjumper, you can try throwing in SRBee or maybe Mirage or Common Bee?  Not sure how detrimental those choice are because of the loss of draw power.  You would be relying on Data Banks too hard.