Joe’s Car Page

Cars have been strong since day 1 and it doesn’t look like that will be changing any time soon.  Their tribal cards Start Your Engines (SYE) and Turbo Boosters allow cars to spread damage and squeeze in extra attacks.

Below is a heavy orange and heavy blue list.  Anticipation Cars has its own article from an EI I won with it back in September 2019.  The list below may or may not be slightly updated as of 01/02/2020


Bumblebee – Trusted Lieutenant // 10 stars
Prowl – Military Strategist // 6 stars
Cliffjumper – Renegade Warrior // 8 stars

3x All-Out Attack
3x Confidence
1x Leap of Faith
3x Peace Through Tyranny
3x Roll Out!
3x Start Your Engines
3x Supercharge
2x Zap

2x Bashing Shield
3x Improvised Shield
3x Data Pad
3x Turbo Boosters
3x Anticipation Engine
3x Erratic Lightning
3x Grenade Launcher

41 card list.  Click the deck name above for an in-depth breakdown.


Cliffjumper – Renegade Warrior // 8 stars
Wheeljack – Weapons Inventor // 9 stars
Private Arcee – Special Ops-Warrior // 8 stars

2x Heavy-Handed
2x Quartermaster
3x Reclaim
3x Security Checkpoint
3x Start Your Engines
3x Steady Shot
2x System Reboot
2x The Bigger They Are…

3x Extra Padding
3x Smoke Cloak
3x Point Position
3x Shoulder Holster
1x Energon Axe
1x Noble’s Blaster
3x Thermal Weaponry
3x Unflinching Courage

This is a heavy black/blue deck built around piercing your opponent to death.  Cliffjumper and Wheeljack will help your cycle your deck in search of said goal.

Arcee is just a meatshield.  Stall with her to build up Cliff and Wheeljack.  Keep an eye out if you have Reclaim and Shoulder Holster in hand, try to load up Wheeljack with Thermal+Axe/Noble’s/Thermal.