Joe’s Deck Box

Looking for Decklists?

Here I will do my best to compile my most up-to-date decklists that I personally use as well as explain what they are trying to accomplish.  If I have done a deck tech video on them, they will be updated here as time progresses and things like more cards are released and more play testing occurs.  Criticism and suggestions are welcome.

I will also be adding and crediting decks from other players if they manage to catch my eye or stomp my team.

Planes – under construction?




Combiner Lists – 6 blue




Metroplex – Autobot City // 25 stars
Slammer – Combat Drone // 4 stars
Six-Gun – Heavy Weapons Expert // 4 stars
Scamper – City Patrol // 4 stars

3x Backup Plan
3x Confidence
1x Disarm
1x Escape Route
3x Heat of Battle
3x Height Advantage
3x Roll Out!
3x Security Checkpoint
3x Supercharge

3x Improvised Shield
1x Sparring Gear
3x Matrix of Leadership
1x Security Console
3x Spinner Rims
2x Backup Beam
3x Handheld Blaster
1x Piercing Blaster

In case you are unsure as to why the list has 37 stars worth of characters, Slammer, Six-Gun, and Scamper are never really part of your “team” when deck building.

There are a few ways to build Metroplex, I have taken a slightly more defensive approach to my build.
Backup Beam, Spinner Rims, and Sparring Gear should be your upgrade goal for Metroplex. If you draw into other things like Handheld Blaster and Improvised Shield, they are suitable placeholders.

I opted not to use Peace Through Tyranny in my deck because once again, I desire more Metroplex longevity instead of aggro.

Supercharge, Height Advantage, and Heat of Battle should only be played when Metroplex is in bot mode or in dire circumstances in alt mode. Remember to actively keep an eye on how many white pips are in your scrap/hand/in-play before you play either of these cards!!!!!

Roll Out! and Escape Route will be played when you are comfortable playing them. If your opponent manages to whiff on Slammer, after he was just deployed, it’s not a terrible idea to flip Metroplex and then play Escape Route or Roll Out! Putting more attack decoys on the field keeps Metroplex in play!
I personally deploy Slammer first, then Six-Gun, then Scamper. Experiment as you wish but don’t forget, they add bold!

I am having great success with this list so far which is why I have not used 3x PTT to balance out the double pips nor added more whites to the deck. I’m sure an argument can and will be made for the increase of those cards and colors. Test test test!

7 thoughts on “Joe’s Deck Box

    1. I have not yet splayed out all of my decks and updated with Wave 3 cards yet. Off the top of my head without spreading everything out, I don’t think 3 wide orange cars gains anything of importance? We’ve been focusing on blue based things. Prepping for Gencon also puts other deck testing and ideas on the backburner.


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