Insecticons won’t go away. They are a very strong aggro deck and can be an annoying blue deck. Here is my take on the 2 colors as of 01/02/2020


Insecticon Skrapnel – Insecticon Leader // 7 stars
Barrage – Merciless Insecticon // 7 stars
Kickback – Cunning Insecticon // 5 stars
Ransack – Insecticon Commando // 6 stars

2x I Still Function!
2x One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall
3x Peace Through Tyranny
3x Reckless Charge
3x Supercharge
3x Swarm
3x Swindled
3x Treasure Hunt

3x Bashing Shield
3x Improvised Shield

3x Erratic Lightning
3x Flamethrower
3x Grenade Launcher
3x Power Punch

Not much to say here. Play the weapons, flip orange.

Pierce Bugs

Nightbird – Enigmatic Agent // 7 stars
Barrage – Merciless Insecticon // 7 stars
Kickback – Cunning Insecticon // 5 stars
Raider Kickback – Infantry-Soldier // 6 stars

3x Backfire
3x Opportune Offensive
3x Quartermaster
3x Security Checkpoint
3x Steady Shot
3x They Bigger They Are…
3x Underhanded Tactics


3x Heroism
1x Pocket Processor
3x Armed Hovercraft
3x Energon Slingshot
3x Laser Cutlass
3x Piercing Blaster
3x Thermal Weaponry

Nightbird brings annoying passive damage as well as Opportune Offensive for the bugs.

Raider Kickback gets flipped to bot mode once (don’t forget to apply a damage when you flip a blue when attacking with an insecticon! The odds of it not happening are super low!), then you should only be flipping Barrage for the rest of the game. Flip Nightbird only if it is an immense benefit to your gamestate. Making your opponent question their action plays is always fun.

Quartermaster can shift all upgrades but remember you only have 3/8 sides that are ranged and 3/8 sides that are melee.

Laser Cutlass is primarily for Kickback and Raider Kickback. Thermal Weaponry is primarily for Barrage’s bot mode.