Joe’s Prime BL + Friends

This page is going to be dedicated to Optimus Prime – Battlefield Legend and who I currently have him paired up with.

Before we get into all that, let’s discuss PrimeBL.  Is he too powerful? Probably yes.  Is he undercosted? Probably yes.  Should he have been a super rare? Probably yes.  From a personal standpoint, I do not like cards this powerful in games.  It allows anyone regardless of skill to rise to the top of the competition, obviously he is more dangerous in the hands of a skilled card game veteran as opposed to a first timer who just won the weekly tournament with a sub-par deck.

I definitely will not go so far as to say that PrimeBL+X=Tier 1 deck.  He is only weak if he is paired poorly.


Optimus Prime – Battlefield Legend // 13 stars
Decepticon Shockwave – Cybertron Commander // 11 stars
1* Leap of Faith

3x Brainstorm
3x Leap Into Battle
1x Leap of Faith
3x Pep Talk
3x Plasma Burst
3x Security Checkpoint
3x System Reboot
3x Vaporize

3x Force Field
3x Sparring Gear
3x Security Console
3x Energon Axe
3x Handheld Blaster
3x Primary Laser

Shadowplay is a deck I’ve been having fun with for awhile. The goal here is just play normally while trying to abuse System Reboot and Shockwave in bot mode in any way possible.

Try to keep Shockwave in bot mode when Prime attacks in bot mode and try to attack with Shockwave in alt mode.  Don’t be afraid to flip Prime to grab a System Reboot from the scrap pile, you may need to plan your attacks a little differently if this is the case.

Brainstorm into 2 System Reboots is a big play.


Optimus Prime – Battlefield Legend // 13 stars
Insecticon Skrapnel – insecticon Leader // 7 stars
Arcee – Skilled Fighter // 5 stars

1x Backup Plan
3x Incoming Transmission
3x Peace Through Tyranny
3x Ramming Speed
3x Reckless Charge
3x Supercharge
3x Treasure Hunt

3x Bashing Shield
3x Improvised Shield
3x Data Pad
3x Matrix of Leadership
3x Erratic Lightning
3x Flamethrower
3x Grenade Launcher

This is one of my personal favorites.

Prime is great when he turtles in a mass blue pip deck.  How does he fare in a mass orange deck?

The plan here is simple.  Deal massive damage with Prime and Arcee while decoying with Skrapnel.  Skrapnel flips and leads off first.  You should be going after the lowest defense character your opponent has to offer.  Continue with Prime or Arcee depending on the situation, then mop up with the other character.

Prime wants bold, Supercharge and Flamethrower are here not just for orange pips, but for access to a library of actions to suit your needs.  To reiterate, after you flip all of your battle cards (bold and first white pip as well) and BEFORE your opponent flips their defensive battle cards (seriously, make sure they don’t flip any cards), you get to play and resolve one of the actions you flipped.

Notable cards you might want in here: Steamroll