Vroom vroom.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Frenchie wrote this article before our weekly Wednesday night casual tournament. Without any collaboration, Joe played the same line-up against me earlier in the week (different deck, though). In this article, Frenchie explores his thinking behind the deck prior to the event, and then his thoughts about it afterward.————————————————————————– To the new players […]

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I tank, you tank, we tank!

While there are cards like Hunker Down and Crushing Treads pushing the tank archetype, the tank decks have not seen much love in the meta of wave 1. The Transformers TCG’s beginning was heavily oriented toward aggro orange deck (Dinobots and Insecticons) which did not leave much place for blue cards, with a few exceptions […]

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The Tank Armada

Check out my article for deep break down! Here is the deck list: Megatron – Decepticon Leader// 10 starsDemolisher – Devoted Decepticon // 6 starsDarkmount – Cruel Overlord // 9 stars Action3x Hunker Down3x Roll Out!3x Inspiring Leadership3x The Bigger They Are…3x Security Checkpoint Armor3x Reinforced Plating3x Force Field3x Blast ShieldUtility3x Crushing Treads3x Data BankWeapon3x Fusion […]

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