Ark Wave 1 Release FAQ

With a new set release comes all sorts of new interactions and potential rules inquiries. Here’s a brief rundown of some things that might raise a few questions. New Mechanic Horde Horde is a static ability that appears on some character cards, followed by a number.  It means “You may have up to X characters […]

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Starscream’s Return?

So Starscream has been quite absent from the TCG for some time now and you are really itching for him to do something meaningful, right? Right? Maybe? So what has The Ark done to try and help this guy out? Surely they have devised a Stratagem to make Starscream-Decepticon Lieutenant a formidable foe that strikes […]

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I tank, you tank, we tank!

While there are cards like Hunker Down and Crushing Treads pushing the tank archetype, the tank decks have not seen much love in the meta of wave 1. The Transformers TCG’s beginning was heavily oriented toward aggro orange deck (Dinobots and Insecticons) which did not leave much place for blue cards, with a few exceptions […]

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