Kevin’s Kick-Ass Krazy Kaos Koncept Korner

It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call “Kevin’s Kick-Ass Krazy Kaos Koncept Korner.”

DeceptiCars v1.0

(Sports Car Patrol, Nightracer, Stealth Mission, Villainous Spotlight)


2 Backfire 

2 Designated Target 

2 End Hostilities 

2 Even The Score 

2 New Orders

2 Spymaster’s Ruse 

3 Stable Cover 

3 Start Your Engines 

2 Wedge Formation 


2 Backup Beam

3 Improvised Shield

3 Laser Cutlass 

2 Micro Capacitor 

2 Mounted Missiles 

3 Nitro Booster 

1 Regenerative Core

1 Toolbox

3 Turbo Boosters 

Devastator v4.1

I ended wave 4 with a Devastator build that I really enjoyed. So naturally I completely reworked it from what it was for wave 5. Little more blue and white in there then in the last version; we’ll see how much of that stays going forward. Also, currently has 44 battle cards; so there’s still some fat to trim regardless. 

I tend to play this deck with the idea that you want your opponent to build your tower for you a little bit. Sacrificing some of the smaller pieces to ramp up the tower’s size. Don’t overlook Involuntary Promotion; while it may seem like you’re only trading out for a previously destroyed bot, it actually builds your tower by knocking out another one. 


2 Constructicon Enigma 

2 Designated Target 

2 Fight For Position 

2 Hand-To-Hand Combat 

2 Involuntary Promotion 

1 Magnetic Dysfunction Ray

1 Ramming Speed

2 Reclaim 

2 Rock Toss

3 Wedge Formation 

3 Work Overtime 


2 Bashing Shield

2 Builder’s Tools

2 Erratic Energy Grenade 

2 Fusion Borer

3 Grenade Launcher 

3 Improvised Shield

2 Increased Durability 

2 Nitro Booster

2 Scout Armor

2 Staggering Might

Tidal Wave v1.1

(With Villainous Spotlight)

“QUIET! DEPLOY THE ROCKETBOAT!” Black Mage Evilwizardington

So it might have started out initially as a joke, but after I thought of it I had to include Nitro Boosters in my Tidal Wave deck. With the team’s initially low attack, your first couple of attacks are only going to be chipping away at your targets; so this makes extra attacks invaluable in setting up for the late game. Towards that end PTT and Involuntary Promotion, can help you time when you want to combine to be most advantageous to you. Just remember that Tidal Wave’s combining will tap one of your opponent’s characters, so make sure you consider your targets and the current board state when you do. Potential future changes might be to include Swap Missions (gets the battleship to attack more), Intelligence Mission, or Even the Score (with Spymaster’s Ruse you could play it early game and then bide your time).

1.1 edit= Added Villainous Spotlight for extra star card, and dropped heavy handed


2 Backfire

1 Disarm

2 End Hostilities 

1 Even The Score 

2 Involuntary Promotion 

3 Peace Through Tyranny 

1 Pincer Movement 

2 Stable Cover 

2 Spymaster’s Ruse 

2 The Bigger They Are

3 Wedge Formation 


3 Combat Dagger

2 Energon Axe

2 Field Communicatior 

3 Fusion Borer 

3 Handheld Blaster

2 Nitro Booster

2 Regenerative Core

3 Terrifying Resilience 

Wet Blanket (Acid Storm, Motormaster, Megatron Fallen Hero with Doomshot) v1.0

So when Brian made his first impressions of wave 5 article, two of the big things that stuck out to me were that people would be running orange and that there would be a lot of direct damage. So naturally I decided to try to come up with something to counter that. 


3 End Hostilities 

2 Escape Route

1 High Five

2 Hull Down 

2 Hunker Down

3 Stable Cover

2 Swap Missions 

2 The Bigger They Are 

1 Tripwire 

2 Two-Pronged Attack 


2 Armed Hovercraft

1 Composite Armor 

2 Escape Capsule 

2 Fusion Cannon of Megatron 

2 Laser Cutlass 

2 Minor Medic Kit

2 Point-Defense System

2 Scout Armor 

3 Sturdy Javelin 

2 Terrifying Resilience