Wave 2 Janky Early Deck Ideas

With Wave 2 dropping tomorrow, we wanted to ensure you guys had some janky lists to take to your constructed events next week. As always, the goal here at Wreck ‘n Rule is to have your opponent look at you as if you’re crazy when you plop your team down on the table across from them. Please note that both of these lists are completely untested and only exist right now in the Theory Dojo. We cannot promise that you won’t go 0-3 at your weekly event.

Rise of the Combiners cards will be italicized for convenience.

Joe (Blitzwing/Thrust/Arcee)

Blitzwing – Relentless Foe // 11 stars

Thrust – Supersonic Interceptor // 9 stars

Arcee – Skilled Fighter // 5 stars


  • 1x Backup Plan
  • 3x Incoming Transmission
  • 3x New Designs
  • 3x Peace Through Tyranny
  • 3x Reckless Charge
  • 3x Supercharge
  • 3x Treasure Hunt


  • 3x Force Field
  • 3x Improvised Shield
  • 3x Sparring Gear


  • 3x Inverted


  • 3x Erratic Lightning
  • 3x Flamethrower
  • 3x Grenade Launcher

The birth of this deck took place roughly one week prior to the launch of RotC. The WnR crew were discussing potential teams and decks. Naturally Thurst+Arcee are the first thing I am gravitating towards because I am crazy. Brian and Frenchie gave me that look like, “What’s wrong with Joe?”

As we started perusing characters in the 11 or less category, Blitzwing immediately jumped at my face. Brave with 2 defense and 13hp? yea, thats how Acree stays alive as long as possible. Getting Sparring Gear and Inverted on Blitzwing will help stall against non-pierce decks.

Thrust requires Erratic Lightning or Grenade Launcher. He should be tapped every time Arcee attacks.

Arcee should only be transformed to help heal Blitzwing before you send him to attack. Obviously you only attack with Arcee in bot mode. Swing for the fences.

Since I am writing this prior to playing this deck, I will be keeping an eye on the New Designs slot and putting Ramming Speed in that spot if I see Force Fields still hampering Arcee.

Frenchie (Warpath/Demolisher/Slammer/Darkmount)

Warpath – Confident Sharpshooter //  6 stars

Demolisher – Devoted Decepticon // 6 stars

Slammer – Combat Drone // 4 stars

Darkmount – Cruel Overlord // 9 stars


  • 3x Hunker Down
  • 3x Roll Out!
  • 3x Inspiring Leadership
  • 3x The Bigger They Are…
  • 3x Security Checkpoint
  • 3x Marksmanship
  • 3x Pep Talk


  • 3x Reinforced Plating
  • 3x Force Field
  • 3x Superior Plating


  • 3x Crushing Treads
  • 3x Data Bank


  • 3x Energon Axe
  • 1x Piercing Blaster

How to make tanks even better? Add an improved version of Reinforced Plating (Superior Plating, you can use Hunker Down to bypass the Tech Research requirement) and another tank (Warpath). The idea is the same: tank and get your pierce enables to tread toward victory! We are trading Megatron and its Fusion Cannon for two perks:
– direct damage in the form of Marksmanship and possibly Warpath flipping ability in Alt mode
– more consistency with Pep Talk, Demolisher drawing 3 cards and the great armor boost from Superior Plating

This is probably the first Jank I will throw at Brian and Joe for our beloved viewers on YouTube… Stay tuned 🙂

Brian (Blurr/Hot Rod/Starter Bee)

Blurr – Fastest Bot in the Galaxy // 12 stars

Autobot Hot Rod – Impulsive Fighter // 7 stars

Bumblebee – Brave Warrior // 6 stars


  • 3x Start Your Engines
  • 3x Bigger They Are
  • 3x Heavy Handed
  • 3x Leap Into Battle
  • 3x One Shall Stand
  • 2x Pep Talk
  • 2x Treasure Hunt


  • 3x Reinforced Plating
  • 2x Force Field
  • 2x Evasive Maneuvers


  • 3x Turbo Boosters
  • 2x Matrix of Leadership


  • 2x Energon Slingshot
  • 2x Noble’s Blaster
  • 2x Piercing Blaster
  • 3x Energon Axe

My original plan here was going to be to offer some suggestions on using the Aerialbots, but I figure that everyone is going to be excited to throw combiners on the table early. I went back to the wheelhouse a bit and kept thinking about the character that WotC allowed us to spoil (Blurr).

Clocking in at 12 stars, Blurr takes up a good chunk of your list. Having 13 stars remaining to play with allowed me a few options. My initial game plan is to try to use two heavy blockers to keep Blurr safe and to allow myself time to find certain key cards. For that reason, my first iteration is going to use Hot Rod (Tough 1 in car mode, no need to flip to bot mode until he dies) and the Starter version of Bumblebee (Tough 1 in bot mode, ability to grant Pierce when flipping to car mode).

This first version probably goes WAY too heavy into Pierce to ensure that Blurr can always use his car mode ability. I’m covering my bases by using both The Bigger They Are and Heavy-Handed (gives you Pierce 4 when attacking a lower star cost character.) EVERY weapon (except the Slingshot, which I just wanted to test out since I have two melee characters) also has the ability to grant Pierce.

With the prevalence of upgrade removal, I’m not really upset about Evasive Maneuvers being a one-use Armor.

Obviously, with 3 cars, I’m running the full untapping suite of 3x Start Your Engine and 3x Turbo Boosters.

A second iteration of this list will likely try to swap the Sentinel version of Mirage into the list, in order to get access to Specialist cards.

We wish you luck with your pulls and release events. May our Lady Novastar grant you complete combiner teams and your preferred SR!

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