Wreck ‘n Spoil Week: Episode 4

Today, we’ll be showing off the second-to-last of our card reveals for War for Cybertron: Siege II. This is our 4th product (Wave 2. Devastator, and Wave 3) where we’ve been able to take part in the hype leading up to release. I know we say it a billion times, but it’s an honor to take part in this process for a game and a community that we love. Thanks to the Transformers TCG team at Wizards of the Coast for letting us be part of the roll-out! We’ll be wrapping up our reveals tomorrow with a new Character!

Without further ado, let’s talk about Multi-Missile Pod.

As soon as we saw Alpha Bravo and Springer in Rise of the Combiners (and especially when we saw the “lesser” alt-mode tribes like Motorcycles and Spaceships getting tribal-specific cards in Siege I), we’ve all been clamoring for some Helicopter love. We’re finally getting that with Multi-Missile Pod (abbreviated as MMP from this point forward) AND getting some extra love for Planes along the way.

A few things to take note of:

  • MMP must be put onto a character while they’re in their Plane or Helicopter alt mode. Once it’s put onto a character, you can still activate its ability even if you’re in bot mode.
  • Since most Planes and Helicopters carry the Ranged keyword, this is yet another direct damage card that they can run.
  • Like Attack Drone or Extra Padding, you can fit up to 3 MMPs in one upgrade slot. Unlike Attack Drone or Extra Padding, if you have multiple copies of MMP in hand, you can’t play them all at once (unless you’re pulling some tricks, which we’ll look at later).
  • While only one MMP is equipped, if you choose to use it, it’s equivalent to Armed Hovercraft (but without the requirement of having to go on a Ranged character and without the inherent +1 ATK bonus). Once you’re able to collect two or three copies onto a character is where it truly starts to shine a lot more.
  • If you have multiple copies equipped, here’s how it works if you scrap on the attack: the first copy scrapped does one to each enemy, the second copy does an additional 2, the third copy does an additional 3. So, if you attack with 3 copies attached, it’ll do 6 damage total to all enemies!
  • As such, we want to start thinking about ways we can collect them quickly AND methods to equip multiple upgrades in a turn.

Here are some possible battle cards that would allow us to equip multiple MMPs at once (some take a bit more set-up, though).

Even though Megatron (Arrogant Ruler) himself can’t equip MMPs, he can help dig for them in bot mode AND help equip multiple copies when flipping into alt mode.

Buzzsaw is also a cheap character that would allow you to play extra upgrades outside of the normal window, although once again, he cannot equip MMPs onto himself.

Let’s take a quick sojourn through some Planes that might be able to make use of Multi-Missile Pod.

Triggerhappy gives you the ability to flip to alt mode, grab a copy of MMP from your scrap AND equip it since he’s now a Plane. He also has the ability to retrieve it for another character.

With 3 DEF and 14 Health as a Plane (and 7 ATK no matter his mode), Ion Storm has the beef to stick around while collecting MMPs. Wreck ‘n Rule’s own Kevin has been using Ion Storm together with Triggerhappy to good effect and taking folks by surprise.

Blackwing and Dreadwind leave you enough points to take another character (*cough* Triggerhappy *cough*). On top of that, when they’re combined as Dreadwing, they gain an additional weapon slot, allowing you to collect MMPs while also having a weapon equipped that boosts ATK (like a Scoundrel’s Blaster).

Starscream (Air Commander) already wants to be leading a team that remains in Plane mode, keeping any flips for himself. Running MMPs in addition to other Ranged and Plane specific direct-damage cards might finally give this team the edge it needs.

Like Ion Storm, Sunstorm has pretty respectable DEF as a Plane and a high Health pool. You can combo collecting MMPs onto Sunstorm in alt mode with a card like Equipment Enthusiast to help buff up a future bot mode attack.

Slipstream is yet another Plane that allows you to continue with some direct damage manipulation while one of your Planes attacks.

Even though they’re both focused around cards with black battle icons, Raider Nova Storm and Sergeant Thundercracker allow you to pull some shenanigans with direct damage/healing while in Plane mode, which might combo nicely with MMPs.

Every Aerialbot is capable of equipping Multi-Missile Pod while in alt mode, which is another card they can use in their direct damage toolbox.

When it comes to the currently revealed Helicopters as of writing this article, Multi-Missile Pod doesn’t seem particularly helpful if you’re using Sandstorm, Springer, or a solo Alpha Bravo. It’s a lucky thing that we’ll have a new Helicopter character in the form of…


Thank you for joining us for Wreck ‘n Spoiler week, and once again, thank you to our friends on the Transformers TCG team at Wizards of the Coast for letting us be part of the excitement leading up to War for Cybertron: Siege II!

As always, keep your eyes on the Wreck ‘n Rule YouTube channel for our usual shenanigans. Also consider supporting us on Patreon, since the proceeds go toward helping us upgrade our recording set-up AND toward throwing some sweet custom swag your way!

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