Air (Infer/Super)-iority?

So, you want to glue Windsweeper and Slipstream together?  Let’s do it.

We are roughly 1 month out from the launch of Titan Masters Attack, assuming no more delays.  I don’t often write articles; nor do I write articles without the ability to hold the cards I am discussing in my hands, and I’m even less likely to write articles without having played what I am talking about.

That being said, let us speculate on a possible deck I will be attempting come May 29th, 2020  if I pull a Windsweeper.

Windsweeper – Air Defense – 10 stars
Slipstream – Strategic Seeker – 8 stars

Windsweeper will move 2 damage to the defender every time he attacks in alt mode assuming he has the correct amount of damage on him (we should not be attacking with him in bot mode), and 3 damage instead if Slipstream is on the board in alt mode (she should not be flipped over at all).

Slipstream is playing the support role here to help be annoying with damage management.  Losing her can be annoying, but not game ending.

We are at 18 stars, 7 to go.  Let’s check out viable partners.


Skydive – Air Warfare Specialist – 5 stars


  • 5 stars allows for 2x Leap of Faiths
  • Will probably stay in plane mode for the duration of the game
  • Can abuse They Bigger They Are…


  • A second character that doesn’t flip could be detrimental to your flip economy
  • Might only be able to get 1-2 attacks

Raider Nova Storm – Infantry – Combustion Specialist – 7 stars


  • Painful when attacking in bot mode
  • Synergizes with what the deck is trying to do when flipping to alt mode


  • Extra low passive defense might keep her from staying on the board
  • Bot mode less scary with incorrect upgrade

Nightbird – Enigmatic Agent – 7 stars


  • Annoys your opponent with extra damage if they are sloppy
  • Allows for Opportune Offensive


  • Doesn’t mesh well with damage movement or plane theme

Horri-Bull – Ground Trooper – 6 stars


  • Excellent character to keep flipping each turn to work with the deck’s theme
  • Able to land three individual points of damage in one turn


  • Not a plane
  • Not ranged
  • Low health value makes you need to be cautious of what mode he is in when you play those black-pipped cards

Horri-Bull must start the game with a head attached.
Kreb seems to be the natural choice to help that health pool total to get more use out of his ability.
Parsec can be good if you flip enough black pips on offense, but how many attacks will Horri-Bull and then Parsec be able to make?
Vorath might help keep Horri-Bull on the board a little longer?

I would test Kreb first, then Parsec.  Something tells me Vorath isn’t going to cut it.


Now that we have all of these character options, let us take the deck into a black/blue direction, shall we?

Here is where the deck began

Windsweeper – Air Defense – 10 stars
Slipstream – Strategic Seeker – 8 stars

Backfire – better with Nova Storm/Horri-Bull
Bombing Run – better with Skydive/Nova Storm
Camien Crash – better with Skydive/Nova Storm
Concealing Contrails – better with Skydive/Nova Storm
End Hostilities
Energy Transfer – maybe helpful?
Heavy Handed – DOA on Horri-Bull and Skydive
Hit and Run – only good for Nova Storm
Hold the Line
Leap of Faith – only works with Skydive on starting team
Lock on Target
One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall – amazing for Windsweeper
Opportune Offensive – needs Nightbird
Scouting Mission
Stable Cover
Steady Shot
The Bigger They Are…

Smoke Cloak
Sparring Gear

Point Position – can be annoying on Skydive

Energon Axe
Static Laser of Ironhide – can be amazing on Windsweeper
Sturdy Javelin

Too many good ideas.  We are not here to make a 60 card+ deck.  We need to narrow the field.

Sticking with the black/blue theme and the idea of landing damage your opponent may have very little answers to, could we try this list?

Windsweeper – Air Defense – 10 stars
Slipstream – Strategic Seeker – 8 stars
Skydive – Air Warfare Specialist – 5 stars

3x Camien Crash
2x Concealing Contrails
2x End Hostilities
2x Heavy Handed
2x Hold the Line
2x Leap of Faith
2x One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall
3x Scouting Mission
2x Stable Cover
3x Steady Shot
2x The Bigger They Are…
2x Tripwire

3x Smoke Cloak
2x Sparring Gear

3x Point Position

3x Energon Axe
1x Static Laser of Ironhide
3x Sturdy Javelin

42 card deck, let’s do it.
27 actions, 15 upgrades.
And assuming I can count
Orange – 3
Blank – 2
Black – 19
Blue – 23
White – 7
Green – 4

Remember the timing on SLoI and Windsweeper, you choose the order.

This is the direction I am going to attempt for this deck.  If anyone is using OCTGN or doing webcam games and you are looking for a strange deck, give this list a shot and see what you come up with?  Feedback is always welcome!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and give this deck a shot.  I find it incredibly difficult to build decks unless I have the ability to lay the cards out in front of me all at once, so I hope this deck works out!


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