[Guest Article] Introducing the COMBATICONS by Mike King


Hello Transformers TCG Community, my name is Mike King, and much like you if you’re reading this, I love this game. From the moment I’d heard it was in development, to its actual release, I could not get enough of this game.

While I don’t have a channel or even a webpage or column dedicated to the game (real life time constraints can suck), I’ve wanted to contribute in any way I could. Finally getting the opportunity to create cards in an ‘official’ capacity now that the game is no longer supported by WOTC is a dream come true.

The Combaticons

I’d already reversed engineered the cards shortly after Wave 1’s initial release. There were a ton of characters we had yet to see, and I was particularly interested in how the combiner teams would work. I designed my own version of the Aerialbots, Predacons, Protectobots, Stunticons, and Combaticons.

While not known for the competitive edge in the game, Combiners have always been an extremely fun mechanic for me. I’d played a lot of Aerialbots so I know these Cons (or Mercs) would need to be similar, yet stand on their own as a team…. and as individuals within other teams. They’re meant to be a powerful military unit and versatile to combat against many different opponents. Wave 1 of the Ark will introduce the first Mercenary combiner, and also a variety of battle cards that will give any combiner some new twists to help them be a bit more competitive. Coming in at only 24 stars, there’s room for a star card of your choice.

Blast Off

The Combaticon shuttle gets an impressive bonus when attacking Tanks and Trucks from space. Depending on your opponent’s lineup, you may want to keep him in this mode until it’s time to combine! When he does transform, he’ll immediately Marksmanship a character (as long as they’re Ranged).


In his alt mode, he’s very durable with a defense of 3, which in tangent with being Brave will soak up a few attacks. On the offensive, he also hits fairly hard and carries Bold 1, so in most cases he may be who you lead with when attacking. Once in bot mode, there’s no hiding from him or the rest of the Combaticons, as Brawl negates an opponent’s Stealth and Brave. In addition, any enemy using Armor gets an automatic Zap when attacked by Brawl.


The Combaticon Leader starts the game by giving each of the other Combaticons both Bold 1 and Tough 1, a pretty sweet advantage right out of the gate. So long as he survives long enough, that advantage will last throughout most of the game as he’d typically be your last Combaticon to transform. Upon flipping, he gives you a card draw, and in grand fashion another Combaticon a chance to Plan 1.


Always a Merc first, the Combaticon Arms Dealer is all about the Upgrades, getting a chance to play both Weapons and Armors for free when engaging enemies. He also has a reason to flip back to his alt mode to pull an Upgrade out of your scrap pile.


With his Pierce, Vortex is always guaranteed to do some damage in alt mode. When you flip him to bot mode, you’ll force your opponent to rethink their card play as they’ll have to scrap a card from their hand. Vortex is also the first 4 star Helicopter in the game, making him playable with Tidal Wave for more versatility in those decks.


The Combaticon’s combined form gets to smack an enemy a little harder on his first attack depending on how many black pips you flip. He’s no slouch attacking or defending as he gets bonuses in either engagement. Being both Melee and Ranged he can also run any Upgrade that requires those skills.

Combaticon Enigma

If the Combaticons are already combined, Bruticus will get yet even more Pierce to do more unblockable damage.

Spoils of War

This new card will allow most combiner teams to repair 1 damage each, if they’re all still alive, that’s 5 damage repaired from your future combiner.

Unfriendly Fire

This nasty little Upgrade will allow your Combaticons to hit back at any attacker that flips 3 or more battle icons of different colors. Which could come in handy against any low health attackers that could end up KO’d before doing any damage to your team.

Starscream’s Brigade

Have you ever wanted to give Starscream his own combiner to team-up with? This will help that dream become a reality. You can add to your team of Combaticons at the cost of tapping Starscream and and black pipped card. Good luck!

In order to keep up to date with new card reveals and other news, make sure you’re part of The Ark’s Facebook group!

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