Wreck 'N Rule Reacts – Week 2

We’re now just about 2 months away from Wave 5 (!) and spoiler season seems to be in full swing. It feels like it was just yesterday that there were literally a handful of us at PAXU 2018 playing in the first officially sanctioned tournament. I remember the times when summers felt like a slow […]

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Wreck 'N Rule Reacts – Week 1

With Spoiler Season officially underway, we here at Wreck ‘N Rule are trying our best to bring you weekly written reactions to the cards spoiled thus far. We are doing our best to react to the cards as they are spoiled but sometimes life gets in the way, so weekly gives us a chance to […]

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PAX Unplugged Debrief

It was a long and arduous weekend for Wreck n Rule; we played a ton of matches, met even more people, and shared in a ton of laughs, smiles, and overall good times. This will be a short, written recap of Joe and RJ’s matches from Saturday. Look for a longer, all-encompassing debrief in video […]

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Blue Burn

I’m not a strong deck-builder – too often I’ll go for flashy, inconsistent combos that look and sound cool on paper over something that is, well, consistently good. I like to think that I bucked that trend here, and it only took me three waves to do it! This was the deck that I would […]

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